Dome Hockey

Foosball style meets The NHL with Dome Hockey



Our Dome Hockeys come with a visible scoring unit for you keep track of your score. Its sturdy structure allows anyone to be able to play. You can choose to challenge others and see who can best defend themselves while trying to score in the opposing team’s net. No setup is required by you, we take care of it all.


Electronic Dartboard

With many games to choose from, dart boards continue to entertain for hours



Challenge each other to a round of darts. Our dartboards keep track of scores so that you have one less thing to do other than play. This game is perfect for any casual or league style events. We provide the delivery, set up, and pick up.

Arctic Thunder

Arctic Thunder Snowmobile

Sit down and speed down the slopes in our arctic thunder



The snowmobile racing game, Arctic Thunder, is a thrill ride for everyone. The course provides power ups and obstacles while you outrace the other drivers. The locations are modeled after actual cities with customizable racers. The Arctic Thunder racing game is a full sit down level game. We provide the delivery, set up, and pick up.

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